International Competition Announcement for the Planning and Design of the “Academician Valley” in Jinghe New City, Xixian New Area

一、项目概况(Project overview)

1.项目背景(Project background)


Jinghe New City is one of the five new cities of Xixian New Area, a state-level new area with a planned area of 133 square kilometers. China’s highest brick pagoda, Chongwen Pagoda is located in Jinghe New City, which is also the geodetic origin of the People’s Republic of China. Jinghe New City makes full use of the “water element” of its superior resources, Jinghe River and Zhengguo Canal, and strives to build a modern new town with “mountain in the south and water in the north, and a dynamic Jinghe River”. The new city’s development will be focused on high-end manufacturing, business and travel, modern agriculture and food and beverage businesses. The “Xi 'an national central city construction implementation plan” puts forward the strategy of “North Expansion” to build a capital of hard & core technology and an innovation center of the silk road. In this background, Jinghe New City adheres to its development orientation, “becoming the core cluster area of the north expansion strategy of the Great Xi 'an”, and adopts the development thoughts of “creating the best ecological environment, attracting the most outstanding talents and gathering the strongest high-end industries”, and based on which, the new city will continue to strengthen the driving force of regional innovation, the competitiveness of industries, its comprehensive carrying capacity, its radiating impact and its green development, and strive to create a new engine of catch-up and overtaking development of the Greater Xi 'an.


"Academician Valley" is very important for responding to “The Belt and Road Initiative “ and meeting the workinng requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to build a new starting point for the Silk Road Economic Belt. It is also an urban development engine planned and built by Jinghe New City.The “Academician Valley” area is located in the north bank of Jinghe River, with a core area of about 8.8 square kilometers. In the future urban development, the new city will take ecological city as its purpose, “scientific and technological innovation” as its engine to form the northern gateway center of Xi 'an. Jinghe New City is positioned as a science and technology center, an innovation center, a talent center, and a leisure and living center.

2.竞赛目的(The objectives of the competition)


Adhering to a global vision, standing on a high perspective, seizing the strategic opportunity of national innovation-driven development, based on the Great Xi'an, a national central city, and focusing on building a strategically concentrated district of the north part of the Great Xi'an, we aim to shape the characteristics of the city in the new era, create a model of urban construction, and organize the “International Competition for the Planning and Design of the ‘Academician Valley’ of the Jinghe New City of Xi Xian New District of Xi’an”. The competition is a world wide and open competition, and invites well-known design institutions at home and abroad to carry out planning and design competitions.

3.竞赛范围(Scope of competition)


This competition includes two levels: research scope and planning scope.

研究范围(Research Scope):


It is bordered by Xixian North Ring Road in the north, Jingwei Industrial Park in the east, Qinhan New City in the south and Konggang New City in the west. The total land area is about 133 square kilometers.

拟定规划范围(The Planning Scope):


It is bordered by Zhengyang Road in the east, Chama Road in the west, north bank of Jinghe River in the south , Gaojing Road and Jinghe Road in the north, with a total land area of about 8.8 square kilometers.

图1(Figure 1):

竞赛范围图(The Range of the Competition)

4.竞赛内容(Competition Contents)


This competition includes two parts: development planning and urban design, both of which should be organically nested and considered as a whole.

(1)开发策划部分(Development Planning)


The relationship and division of labor between the Academician Valley area and Jinghe New City should be studied and determined on the basis of comprehensive evaluation of development conditions with drawing on industrial development experience of relevant cases at home and abroad and combining existing industrial research data. Focusing on the industrial development and research of the Academician Valley area, the development planning should define the positioning and functions of the Academician Valley area in Jinghe New City and even larger region, and determine the industrial development direction of the Academician Valley area, and deepen the research of industrial development planning of the Academician Valley area. Under the guidance of the industrial development of the Academician Valley area, the development planning should also put forward control requirements for the space.

(2)城市设计部分(Th Urban Design)


The urban design should focus on the key elements that constitute the overall spatial image and urban characteristics of the Academician Valley area with fully drawing on relevant cases of the urban design experience at home and abroad, and considering the environmental characteristics, location and industry requirements of the Academician valley area. The urban design should give priority to the ecological environment and properly handle such spatial relationships as arrangement for the blue and the green, integration of the city and the green and integration of the industry and the city. Through systematic consideration and in-depth design of the overall spatial image, the functional structure, spatial layout, urban landscape, road and traffic, urban interface, open space, urban skyline, and underground space of the Academician Valley area, etc., the urban design should propose the development and control system of the Academician Valley area and form the overall urban design scheme of the Academician Valley area.

二、基本规则(The Basic Rules)


1. This competition should fully combine the status quo, the master plan and related planning, to form an operable design scheme. In the way of international contest, the competition is divided into three stages: prequalification, design competition and further design.


2. This solicitation notice is open to the public at home and abroad, and in the form of public registration. From the date of announcement, the applications from domestic and foreign design units start to be accepted.


3. The organizing unit of the competition will prequalify the design units that apply for the qualification, including the comprehensive performance of the design units, the qualification and performance of the project leaders, the strength of design teams and other relevant information. 5 design units or consortiums will be selected as the invited units to participate in the competition, and official invitation letters and solicitation documents will be issued to the design units. Design units that are not shortlisted will not be given other notice.


4. After receiving the formal invitation, the shortlisted design units should fax or mail the confirmation letter to the agency within 3 days and post the paper confirmation letter to the agency later.


5. Each shortlisted design unit that receives an official invitation should complete and submit a proposal within the specified time. Any design proposal submitted by a unit that has not been formally invited will not be accepted.


6. Competition period :2 months



For the five design institutions that have passed the pre-qualification, if the designs meet the technical requirements and they are evaluated as effective design by the expert review committee, they can be awarded the corresponding prizes by the ranking:





First prize , RMB1,500,000 yuan;

Second prize , RMB 1,200,000 yuan;

Third prize, is RMB 1,000,000 yuan;

Fourth and fifth prize , RMB 800,000 yuan;


The design organization that won the first place will receive the subsequent deepening design mission. After completing the integration and deepening work in combination with the expert review opinions and the requirements of the organizer, the final design will meet the integration and deepening requirements and pass the acceptance of the organizer. Finally, they will be able to be awarded the deepen design fee- RMB 1200,000.

四、知识产权(Intellectual Property Right)


The right of authorship of the design that has participated in this competition belongs to the participating unit. However, all the designs of the competition will not be returned to the participating units after evaluation. The organizer has the right to use all reasonable elements of the submitted designs free of charge.



1.The applicant should be a legally registered entity or a project combiner composed of legally registered entities;


2.The planning and design institutions registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China must have at least the Grade A of the qualifications for the urban and rural planning. Foreign-invested enterprises registered in China shall be authorized by the head office to use their qualifications.


3. The planning and design institutions registered without the People's Republic of China must have the corresponding registration certificates issued by the authorities of the host country or region or their relevant industry organizations. The qualification requirements of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan planning and design institutions shall be accorded with the overseas planning and design institutions;


4.The applicants should obtain similar planning and design experience as this project;


5.This project can accept the registration of the combination, but the number of members must not exceed two. The members of the combination shall sign a combination agreement together that shall clarify the lead organization of the combination. The member units that make up the project combination may not apply for the qualification examination separately in their own name, nor may they join the other combinations of the project to apply for the qualification examination.


6.The Credibility Requirements: The participants should have a pretty social reputation and they are not out of business, and their properties are not being taken over, frozen, bankrupt and reorganized.

六、资格预审方法(Method of Qualification Review)


Subject to number limi?t.

七、参赛单位报名及资格预审文件获取方式(How to register and obtain the pre-qualification documents)

1. 报名及资格预审文件获取时间:


1.Time for obtaining registration and pre-qualification documents:

at 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. from April 30th, 2019 to May 14 th,2019.




2. How and where to register

(1)Registration method 1:Each participator shall bring the original business license, data of chief designer, track record of similar design projects and other relevant data to the Tendering Department of Anxin Project Management Co.,Ltd.(Address: 23F, Hesheng Jing Guang Center E Building,TangYan Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province) for sign-up.

(2)Registration method 2:Online registration is accepted,Each entrant can scan the application materials (including the relevant materials of the main designer of the business license of the entrant and the previous similar design achievements and so on) to sxaxzb@163.com,Within 1 working day upon receipt of the email, the organizer shall reply to the applicant by email whether the application is successful. After the application is successful, the applicant shall transfer the prequalification documents online and send the scanned copy of the transfer voucher to the email address(sxaxzb@163.com),After the organizer confirms receipt of the payment, it shall immediately send the prequalification documents to the email address of the competitor (prequalification documents payment account: account name: xi 'an branch of AnXin Project Management Co., LTD., bank name: xi 'an beilin branch of bank of chang 'an co., LTD., account number :806010501421009443).


八、资格预审申请文件递交方式(Submission of prequalification documents)


1.Submission deadline: 2:00 PM, May 20 th ,2019.


2.Where and how to submit


(1)Submission place: Anxin Project Management Co.,Ltd.(Address: 23F, Hesheng Jing Guang Center E Building,TangYan Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province)


(2)How to submit: submit paper documents.



1.Sponsor:The Management Committee for Jinghe New City Of Xixian New Area



Liaisons: Zheng Bo

Tel.: 029-36385570

2. 承办单位:安信项目管理有限公司

Contractor:Anxin Project Management Co.,Ltd.



Liaisons: Zhao Dan、Zhang Nana

Tel.: 029-85205171



1. The correspondence, documents and designs involved in this competition should be in simplified Chinese.


2. In all the announcements and attachments involved in this competition, Chinese versions prevail.


3. The fee should be paid in RMB, and the design compensation and bonus should be the pre-tax amount. The design units should pay the tax generated from the design compensation fee and the bonus, as well as all the expenses incurred by the design units during the competition.


4. The organization unit has the final intThe organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of this announcement.


5.This international consulting activity requires the chief designer who is confirmed at the registration to do the final report for evaluation. Once the application is successful, the design unit should be deemed to accept the description of this article.

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